I have some news.... I'm having twins! But really, it's a boy, but I think he wants a twin. He is 12 oz. right now. I was very sad to find that out because I definitely have not gained 12 ounces. Dangit little baby! I am officially past the half way mark. We are at 21 weeks and my belly is starting to pop out. We are so excited! We can't wait for our little guy to come out. We are probably going to name him Riggs, after his father Gregory Riggs, and his father's mother, Raylen Riggs Anderson. He is destined to be a little hottie with that name! Anywho, we went to our ultra sound and he was sucking his little thumb. I don't know how to get the picture on here, but I'll figure it out. I want him to come right now! Tell me if you come up with a better name than riggs! But seriously if you come up with one that would be really rude... Farewell!