I was cursed this week... I swear it

We are having a marvelous time down here in Lubbock! Well, at least we were...until I had the week from hhhhh e llllllll...o. To start on a good note, I had a craft night. We made the cute mason jar luminaries that you can see below. We got together during Priesthood session while the guys were out. I have to give the credit for our success to "yo gabba gabba." Without that "created on crack" show we never would have been able to finish! We have been watching the BYU games faithfully and having fun with our friends at the same time. Riggs has been drinking his bath water, complete with soap and his own tinkle. We have received killer packages from both Grandmas! We are so lucky. I painted stripes in the kitchen. And yes, I have to paint it back in four years. Riggs has a girlfriend, named Elana. Her mother is my dearest friend, who I would not survive without. Riggs loves to say "Lena" and asks me where she is all day long. Our stake down here had a killer Share Fair this morning. Basically every room in the building was filled with donations from the stake ranging from furniture, to shoes, to baby stuff, to toiletries, to kitchen appliances. And everything is free! I got some clothes for Riggs, some adorable mugs, amazing ugly Christmas sweaters, a vintage blouse, a basketball hoop, books, cook books, puzzles, and picture frames. Sawheet people!I am so grateful for my friends down here.. you know who you are. They are my sanity. I joined a mommy and me music group with them. Riggs is the only bad one, but he keeps the class spicy. Greg loves med school! I get to see him enough for me to know he is alive :). Nah, we get to see each other plenty. He works so hard! Riggs is turning two!! WTFreak. Sometimes I get really weirded out during the day when I realize I just had a full conversation with him. He's getting so big.

Okay, so now that you know that we are functional and happy I will tell you the horror story that is my son...Riggmond.

It all started on the drive home from the park. It was a peaceful day, beautiful really. Riggs and I were singing "hot dog" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when I heard my phone ringing. I started to search for it... But nothing. I pulled into the garage and started searching frantically for it. Nothing, until I put my ear up to the stereo and the sound got louder. I then moved my ear up towards the air vent and the sound got really loud. Riggs had stuck my flippin phone in the air vent. As many of you know, having no phone when you live in a new state, with no husband,can be bad. So I had to facebook people to call my husband for me. I had to facebook my sister to have her call my mother so my mother could skype me. It was ridiculous. The following morning, still no phone, Greg takes off for school with the carseat on accident. No phone, no carseat. Now I am mad. I stick RIggs in the front seat, strap him in and drive to school to break into Greg's car and get the carseat. Then I take Riggs home to grab some breakfast before we go figure out how to get my phone out of the vent and Riggs sticks his hand on the griddle. I spend the next 45 minutes running his hand under cold water. You can see in the picture below, he had to eat his pancakes while he held his hand in a cup of water. Thanks Talia, for bring me aloe and saving me from a melt down. As we are leaving the house, Riggs finds my digital camera, puts it on the ground and stomps on it. Broken. He got a timeout like you wouldn't believe!!! Finally we leave the house. I stop at the gas station and my credit card is missing. It is never missing. I look in my purse, my wallet, the car. Gone! We drive to a car repair shop. They tell me they will charge me $100 for every hour it takes them to get my phone out. The next place tells me they won't even try. The next place tells me they have to take the dashboard off and it will cost between $600 and $700. I tell them I don't have a credit card any way so i'll just be on my way.

Well I decided not to get my phone out. It will probably ruin the ac. I got a new credit card. I bought a $20 phone... Today I found my lost credit card along with my subway card and my lowes gift card, stuffed into the dvd player.

To top it all off, today while I was at the car wash, I looked down and my diamond was missing on my wedding ring. I don't know where it fell out, but it did. The worst part is, I haven't been able to get it inspected within the last four months, so the warranty is dead.

Well, I hope that everyone has just the greatest day. Remember... if your day is bad, mine was way worse. I love you all, and I love Lubbock, and I love Greg, and I love Riggs (most of the time). Just kidding, he is my little man no matter how much he destroys me.