Do I blog about anything but Riggs? nay

HELLLLOOOO! IT's been a while, as per usual. I had to post these pictures that my cousin took of Riggs. You can check out her work at simplytaken.net.

A quick update... We just sent in Greg's application for medical school to about eighteen different schools. We are so excited! I secretly want to go to Wakeforest so bad so we can say we live in North Carolina. So cool.
We are going to Disneyland this week with all of Greg's family. I'm sneaking Riggs on Space Mountain. He's gonna have the ride of his life. I tried to do a raw vegetable, fruit and nut cleanse and it did the opposite. Riggs is crawling like crazy and standing up on furniture. Mucho love!


Obsess Much.. Si

My sister in law Ashley took these pictures for us. We had a photo shoot in the entry hall. I am a little obsessed with Riggs right now. I have yet to see a cuter baby!!!! He is so photogenic. Ok so he is laughing now. Greg got Riggs to go into a laughing attack the other night. I try to get things done during the day but I can't stop playing with him. Being a mom is the best job in the world. You would think so too if you had this babe. We just took Riggs up to the cabin for the first time and had a sleep over this weekend. He cried when he woke up because he didn't know where he was and there was a giant moose head staring down at him. So long Farwell


Baby Riggs

I know all of you have been dying to see baby Riggs :). Here is the beb. He has grown so much. He is three months old now. WOW! His favorite thing to do is stand up. He pulls himself up. It's so cute. He also loves to sit in his bumbo (thank you sarah). We love our little Riggs and he is a dang fine baby!