More Soi por favor!

Our good friends Soiartxe and Idoia came to visit from Spain
for the weekend. We spent the weekend at the cabin and had some
friends come up and chow down at a good old fashioned bbq so we could hang out with Soi!
Greg baptized Soi on his mission and they are the best of friends.
We miss them!
Side note: I found out about this bbq three hours before it started...hmmmmm Greg and I are working on communicating our plans haha!
Ava, Jenna, Abby,Estibaliz, Idoia, Vanessa
At the cabin!
The feast!
sexy beasts
Shane and Jenna
WElcome to SLC
Soi catching a fish at the cabin
He dropped the fish
Greg, Greg, and Greg!!!
His first fish catch ever, trying to show up the Spaniards


I decided that I need to get wedding pictures and honeymoon pictures on here since I am a newlywed, duh! So I'll write about the honeymoon. We spent the first two nights in the Hilton (an Anderson family friend gave that to us, so very nice). We had a blast. We ran around downtown, ate steaks at Spencers, used VIP passes for the executive Suite Lounge, and forgot to go to church. What a way to start out a marriage! After planning a wedding there is nothing more relaxing than two nights at the Hilton.

After that is was a five day cruise to the west side of Mexico. As you can imagine (but please try not to) we did not participate in many on-ship activites such as bingo, treasure hunting, pool swimming (sea water pools), salsa dancing, bar drinking, or even eating some nights. Room service is a beautiful thing! We had so much fun though. We got off at Cabo and Greg had to stop me from paying 30 bucks to a poor man trying to sell me an ugly bracelet. I finally bought it for five and around the next corner they were selling them for $1. Ima loser! We got fake tattoos and played on the beach all day. We played the game Run away from the sharks (you may have played it in your local pool when you were five) in the ocean and I think we gave Americans a bad name cuz all the Mexicans thought we were koo koo. But then I really started getting stung by jelly fish and Greg wouldn't beleive me and kept pulling me back into the water. Only later did he feel bad when he witnessed my jelly wounds.
If anyone is thinking of going on a cruise for their honeymoon in the future, do it! It was so stinkin fun and relaxing. It is the only way to go ok? cool. Bye now

20 Otter Pops

Greg and I decided it was time for a good old fashioned sleepover in which we would inflate a mattress and listen to Harry Potter 7 in the dark. That was the game plan any way. Until I passed out at some point while Greg was putting the thirteenth disc into the player and left Greg to pull an all nighter by himself. This was not wise! When I woke up I found otter pop wrappers covering our area of sleep! I think there may have been some red syrup on my face. I do not know what happened but Gregory went psycho on us and overdosed on popsicles. We are working on his sugar addictions (refer to evidence below).

Moments before I fell asleep

After i made Greg collect his evidence of future
health problems

Though he had a little bit of a hayday, he will always be our little Gregory Riggs. And he even brought me flowers the next day!


Brian Regan For Life

Ok, so this is me writing on my blog. I am going to need some major help with this. Anyone who knows me knows that I am no good with keeping up with this stuff. I fully expect my five bloggin friends (ha ha) to comment on how proud they are that I have posted something. I have no pictures of my wedding for some reason so I will start with the weekend!!!

I have never thought that Brian Regan was funny. Well, untiil Thursday night when I almost tinkled my pants. The Anderson family went to his show at Thanksgiving Point this weekend, but there was one problem... Greg was at Scout Camp so I had to watch it alone :(. Good thing I brought the Taminator along. She was a fine date! Allie Hunt was there too, so we had a threesome. Cup of Dirt, Spelling Bee, and News Casting were some of the classic Brian Regan jokes. Well, it was a hoot and a holler, and I have six mosquito bites to prove I was there and a whole lotta pictures of me... alone. I am dyin here with out Greg! He has been gone for sixteen hours now. I will catch up on pictures of both of us when he returns. Farewell blog

Mama Ray, Em, Me, Mama Feul

My new sister in-law Alyssa!

Tory, Michael, and Brady waiting for the
show to start