Welcome Home Peanut!

Ok, this is overdue and yet is not because life has been crazy since little Riggs came into the world and there has been no time to blog. (other new mommies can vouch for that). I am the happiest girl in the entire world. Riggs is the cutest baby on the planet. Oh my gosh you all need to see him.
Okay here is the story! Greg and I went to the hospital on Tuesday the 20th at 7:30 am to get induced. Contractions hit fast and I went through the worst pain ever for about 2 and a half hours with them coming every two minutes. I didn't know I could have the epideral anytime so I suffered for a while. Then I got the epideral and it was amazing! I was paralyzed for the rest of the day. Greg and I watched four movies: The Dark Night, Mean Girls, Baby Mama, and Casino Royale. It was so relaxing. Greg was a trooper and rubbed my back and stayed awake with me the whole time. I started pushing around 8 p.m. and pushed for an hour and forty minutes and barely any progress was being made. Finally the Dr. came in and had to use the vacuum to get him out (I felt that pain later) and he was finally born at 10:05 p.m. on October 20th! He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long. He has brown hair that is soooooooo cute. He has the most perfect face on the planet! Petite little features and a round little apple head. Well here are some pictures. We are getting professional ones taken by courtney winnie tomorrow!! Yay those will be up sometime too. Here we go. These are all out of order


Dear Peanut

Your due date came and went on Sunday, but you didn't. strange. I thought you would have. I waited all day for ya and you didn't show. I guess you were still busy preparing to get down here. Let's see, I jumped on the tramp... you didn't come. I ate spicy mexican food... you didn't come. I went four wheeling... you didn't come. The Doctor scraped my membranes... you didn't come. I tripped and fell on my face... you didn't come.

So now you are a day late! But good news Peanut. You are coming tomorrow! I guess I should say today because it is passed midnight. At 7:30 a.m. dad and I are taking you to the hospital in my tummy and they are going to induce me and you are going to come out and meet us. Oh man are we excited! We have our bags all packed and I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. I can't believe what is about to happen! You better come peanut. This is the last straw. So if all goes well, your birthday will be tomorrow/today. So happy Birthday baby boy! I love you so much and I just want you to come out and cuddle with me. I love you, love mommy

Well I am going to try and get some sleep because I have a feeling I won't be doing much of that tomorrow. We will keep everyone posted on what is happening with baby Riggs. Then you can all come and meet him. Ahhhhhhh! I am going to be a mom. crazy crazy crazy. ok goodnight... Oh and I just want to mention that I have the best hub in the world and he is going to make the cutest dad in the world. He already got halloween off from work because he is taking peanut trick or treating in his new pumpkin costume. What a cutie dad. Until manana!


Fun with Greg and Abby

Hello dear friends! We have been awful at updating our blog and will now present you with a ream of pictures and captions that attempt to show and tell you what we have been up to in our lives. Hold on tight because this could get a little lengthy. We live with Ron and Tami now and are having a grand ol' time being home.
First of all, I am officially 34 weeks prego, meaning I only have 6 weeks remaining until peanut is fully cooked and ready for delivery. Yee ha peanut, let's do this thing!

We did a lot of boating this summer. Greg looks dang fine surfing. I just tried not to think about the bouncing baby on my bladder the entire time.

Greg's mission president came home and we went to his homecoming! Greg loves them so much and it was fun to meet them.

We discovered a new restaurant, thanks to the one and only GUY from Diners, Drive In's and Dives. Moochies is the best and gave us delicious philly cheese steak sandwiches!

We went to Jackson/Yellow Stone- Say hello to the Grand Tetons, translation-large tetons.

The Hot Pots of yellow stone!

Say hello to our little friend. He walked right by the car.

Old Faithful in the rain. Tyler, Greg, Abby, and Camden (Tory's "special friend.")

Greg and I went on a hot date to Sundance. We rode the tram up the mountain during the full moon. He got a little chilly, but luckily we found this puffy mom jacket for him to stay warm in.

I had my first shower in my home ward and peanut got spoiled. Rotten peanut, just rotten.

Michael left on his mission :( I'm not in the picture because I was outside convincing a lady cop that resembled a leathery orange peel not to give us a ticket for parking in the drop-off only zone.

We are so dang pregnant. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not a small farm cow wearing a patterned shirt, but that I'm glowing!

The happy couple! Notice greg is wearing new tight jeans (my doing). The little fifteen year olds at Michael's farewell party kept calling him Edward and I was okay with that because he is so dang good looking.
Well we have more pictures, but we don't want to bore. We are so happy and will blog again some day in the future. Until then, farewell!



I have some news.... I'm having twins! But really, it's a boy, but I think he wants a twin. He is 12 oz. right now. I was very sad to find that out because I definitely have not gained 12 ounces. Dangit little baby! I am officially past the half way mark. We are at 21 weeks and my belly is starting to pop out. We are so excited! We can't wait for our little guy to come out. We are probably going to name him Riggs, after his father Gregory Riggs, and his father's mother, Raylen Riggs Anderson. He is destined to be a little hottie with that name! Anywho, we went to our ultra sound and he was sucking his little thumb. I don't know how to get the picture on here, but I'll figure it out. I want him to come right now! Tell me if you come up with a better name than riggs! But seriously if you come up with one that would be really rude... Farewell!


baby time!!!

Hooray I shall blog today! Okay so most of you know. Well all of you know but I felt that for the first time I have something to blog about so just pretend it's the first time you have heard it! WE ARE PREGNANT. We gotta bun in the oven. I feel bad that most people had to find out without me telling them because word spread like a wild fire. But it is so exciting. It was not planned! Though all of my friends won't believe me because I wouldn't stop talking about how badly I wanted a baby. Well I got my wish! And now I'm sicker than a dog! I guess that's the price you pay for the little babe!
I went and had my first ultra sound a few weeks ago. It looks like a little peanut. So that is what we have nick named it.... Peanut. Feel free to refer to him/her as such. Peanut was going crazy in my stomach and flipping all over the place and wiggling it's little arms and legs. I asked the doctor if something was wrong and he said it looked like a hyper one! Ha. I guess I can't expect anything less from an abby/greg combo. I don't know if I just shared too much information but whatever. We are so happy! We are due October 18th. Much love


hello it's abby, i've been lost

Look at me! I changed my background all by myself. On my honor I will begin to blog from this moment forward. Now I just need to change my title picture before i barf. P.S. Sarah if you read this, take me to the gym.