baby time!!!

Hooray I shall blog today! Okay so most of you know. Well all of you know but I felt that for the first time I have something to blog about so just pretend it's the first time you have heard it! WE ARE PREGNANT. We gotta bun in the oven. I feel bad that most people had to find out without me telling them because word spread like a wild fire. But it is so exciting. It was not planned! Though all of my friends won't believe me because I wouldn't stop talking about how badly I wanted a baby. Well I got my wish! And now I'm sicker than a dog! I guess that's the price you pay for the little babe!
I went and had my first ultra sound a few weeks ago. It looks like a little peanut. So that is what we have nick named it.... Peanut. Feel free to refer to him/her as such. Peanut was going crazy in my stomach and flipping all over the place and wiggling it's little arms and legs. I asked the doctor if something was wrong and he said it looked like a hyper one! Ha. I guess I can't expect anything less from an abby/greg combo. I don't know if I just shared too much information but whatever. We are so happy! We are due October 18th. Much love