Everyday I'm shuff-a-lin...In Lubbock,TEXAS

It's a new day in the life of Abigail Anderson. I am officially on my own in the driest,hottest, deadest, most beautiful piece of land West Texas has to offer. I am accompanied by my hotty hubby Gregor, and a little boy who thinks that it's funny to dump his raspberry shake on the wine display at Sam's club. OH yes, we also have a dog. His name is Ollie, or Ollivander. He is not ours, but he is for the week. We have pitched our tents in Lubbock, and we love it.
Today I said goodbye to my mom and sister, which was sad. First we had the Anderson's here. They drove our belongings, filled our house with furniture, fed us, and did about everything else. We are lucky. We even took them to Rudy's. If you ever make it out here, I'll take you there. It's a gas station restaurant with real Texas class. Then my mom and sister came out. Tam and Tor. They decorated, fed us, cleaned, and played with us. Oh yes, we saw Harry Potter, like five days late, but we saw it. That movie blew my mind.
Now we are here without any family but we are going to be okay. We are sooooo happy! We had the Walkers over for tin foil dinners tonight. We love our ward. Did I mention that Wal-Mart is just around the corner of our house. If you go around the other corner you will see.. nothing.. brown dirt as far as the eye can see. But I choose to go around the other corner...to Wal-Mart. NO, there is actually much more than Wal-Mart. Lubbock is actually huge and really cool. We have everything here you can basically imagine, just don't imagine too hard. Well I have some pictures to post of the move, our fun, and how our little town home is coming along. I hope you like our new home as much as we do.
Thank you Anderson's and Feulner's for all of your help and support. I miss my friends. I miss play dates and bbq's. I miss little Luke. I miss green grass. I miss mountains. I even miss Bubbles and Bear. I miss built-in-babysitters. I miss you all. But I AM GOING TO BE OK. I AM GOING TO BE OK. Seriously though, I'll be okay. New adventure...here I come!